Terminus Society

You may or may not know, but the back room off the corner of the taproom (or the private party room as many call it) is a barrel room! We designed it specifically for the purpose of having a cool, dark room with no windows for us to store barrels of beer. 

This room, The Terminus, is where our select beers will go to rest in wood barrels for several weeks, several months, or even a year or longer, depending on the beer style and the barrel. 

The Terminus, aptly named to reflect a final destination in space or time, is where these beers go to start & finish their unique aging journey.  We are excited to begin this new adventure in our beer program and look forward to this taste exploration.

The first round of barrels are Breckenridge Bourbon barrels, that we filled with our 2016 Shadowland Russian Imperial Stout. We will age one barrel for just under a month, just long enough to impart the bourbon flavor from the barrel with low risk of oxidation. The longer the beer stays in the barrel, the higher the chance the beer will oxidize and begin to taste like paper. However, the longer the time in the barrel, the more interesting barrel flavors can surface and additionally, the beer can possibly have a smoother taste with time. Thus, it's a journey of balancing and the other barrels will age for a month and a half and four months. It will be interesting to see how the barrels differ and how their unique characteristics over varied periods of time will change the same beer, so we'll do some horizontal tastings to compare!

In addition to clean beer barrel aging, we will begin our sour program in 2017. We look forward to this funky, sour beer journey and all the wild rides that the Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococuss & Saccharomyces will take us on!

Cheers until then!

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Kaylee Robbins